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Pedi Paws Reviews

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  • Pedi Paws-a wonderful gadget!

    I bought my pedi paws from e-bay for a wonderful £3.99. It was the best money I have ever spent!! My dog has a serious fear of anyone even touching her nails, let alone cut them! Even the vet and groomer are reluctant to touch them due to her reaction and because she has long quicks. This had made her nails long and uncomfortable. We have had her for 10 years and just thought it was something we'd both have to put up with and then along came pedi paws. It is wonderful! She didn't really react to it, I introduced her slowly to it, lots of praise and treats, and 2 sessions and... More...
    ejthomas83's Picture   ejthomas83    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi Paws

    I love Pedi Paws and so do my dogs, My mother in law ordered this product for me and I have used it for 3 years now on our Beagle mix and Collie mix. Both dogs fall asleep while I am doing it. Much better then trying to cut with traditional nail clippers. I have read reviews for this product good and bad, for those of you who do not like it or have had issues with your dogs, I would think that it is user error or your dog has issues to begin with. More...
    Jbetts's Picture   Jbetts    0 Comments   Comments
  • it does work

    I purchased the Pedi Paws when they first came available,and it does work agreed the output from the thing is seriously below par but it takes a bit of time but it does work,i use it on my Rotti (rosebud)and she tolerates it for a while i think if the makers up graded the power output and sold different grade of wheels it would be a better tool. More...
    rosebud5's Picture   rosebud5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Filing Refills 800 # order

    I called the 800 nimber to order the emery filing bands and was highly upset that they did not confirm what I ordered with a confirmation number nor was I able to cancel any product I ordered in addition to the filing bands. I have done mail order over the phone for years and this was the poorest one I have ever had to deal with. A person would like to know the total amount that will be billed to their credit card and is always informed when dealing over the phone. This policy needs to be put into place ASAP. More...
    MNmimi's Picture   MNmimi    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi paws

    Well I got my pedi paws off e-bay, sure glad I only paid 99 cents for it. I just bet those pets in the commercials weren't freaking out because it wasn't turned on my dog is still hiding under my bed and it's 3:59am , I tried it on him 1pm yesterday evening now if you have some doggie valium to go along with this product it sure would be appreciated right now because my mild mannered little dog who normally lets me rock him to sleep is trying to take my arm off. feel free to come on over to my house lets me do your nails with this torture device it sure would put a smile on... More...
    peceoshit's Picture   peceoshit    1 Comments   Comments
  • For Humans too

    My husband has those terrible toe nails, he refuses to go to a podiatrist. I bought some really heavy duty clippers and they won't cut through them. So after they started to really get out of control, used the Pedi Paw on his toe nails and they look the best ever since we got married six years ago. As for the dog, they work on her too, just hard to keep her still. I tried a dremil and it really scared her. So two thumbs up from our house. More...
    GrammaJules's Picture   GrammaJules    0 Comments   Comments
  • scam artists

    We ordered a pedi paw about 10 months ago.It took 3 months to get, and they ended up sending + charging us for 3. We never could get a hold of anyone there to return and refund.So we are stuck with 3 useless contraptions. Also they keep sending these little rebate checks that we shred every time we get one.They are a scam! I think they are affiliated with another scam artist co. TLG-TRILEGIANT ! More...
    lowfunds10's Picture   lowfunds10    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pet nail filer

    It's a nail filer that uses batteries,and it's supposed to be safe and your pet is supposed to love it.... WRONG. I have tried to use it on my Shih-Tzu and he bit me. I followed the instructions, even tried the introduction recommended...NOTHING worked. Don't waste your money. More...
    pedi1989's Picture   pedi1989    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shame on You

    Shame on you! This week I received a mailing with Pedi Paws on the envelope as the sender. Enclosed was a check for $7.29 AND in the fine print it says " By cashing or depositing this check you are purchasing a membership in Buyers Advantage. I think it shameful for you to give my name and address to this kind of scam. I am sure people think you have sent them a rebate (I have a Pedi Paws and have ordered from you.) and cash the check without reading the fine print. Thank goodness I didn't. It is a terrible business practice! Carol Kubitz More...
    carolkubitz's Picture   carolkubitz    0 Comments   Comments

    I got my pedi paw from the "As seen on TV store" on an other island. It was over $24.00. I could have used that $24 on something that was worth it. I have 2 German Shepherds that are house dogs. And that pedi paw died. It wouldn't start back up. So I put in "NEW" batteries. And it still didn't work. I want to know how can I get my money back. I threw out the receipt, cause I trusted the product. I wish I could get a refund. Cause "IT DOESN'T WORK!". More...
    punagirl's Picture   punagirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedipaws is awesome

    I use to try to use a nail clipper but my chihuahua would cry and try to bite it. It was dangerous because she’d pull her paws back. The pedipaws worked amazingly good and I tried it on my own nail. It didn’t hurt. :) I give it 5 stars. (mines the one with the plastic orange covering on the rotating file) More...
    cheddargurl's Picture   cheddargurl    1 Comments   Comments
  • Marketing is a wonderful Lie!!!

    My wife and I purchased this from PetSmart in Columbia, SC and it is a piece of trash. We have a puppy that absolutely goes into orbit when trying to distract her to use this product. The makers of this product are nothing but absolute CON ARTISTS quick to make a buck using their depressed K-9's in their commercials. ABSOLUTELY A SCAM. SHAME ON PETSMART FOR CARRYING THIS PRODUCT!!! More...
    ncseadog1's Picture   ncseadog1    3 Comments   Comments
  • Buy It!!!!

    I bought this product for my cats, and it works perfectly. Being a former bather/groomer I can say it is much safer and gentler than the traditional clippers and recommend it for all pet owners. I will say that it doesn't do much to ease the fear for my female cat but I still like it much better than the other clippers. Dogs will probably have an easier time adjusting to it than cats will however, my male cat doesn't seem to mind it all that much. I think it is worth the money gives me piece of mind that my cats are not in pain. More...
    catlover86's Picture   catlover86    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Product for cats

    We just got a new cat, and the wife and I decided that we would rather trim it's claws than declaw it. After hearing all the hoopla on TV and internet about Pedi Paws, I decided to invest in it thinking, this makes perfect sense grind away the claw as opposed to simply shearing it. After trying it out on my new cat, Rice, Rice decided that it was a scary product. I would imagine the grinding on it's paws felt really scary to the little fella. To let us know it was scary, he decided to claw me up good. I even took the tips from the website about holding the animal down, but he... More...
    jaysmasher's Picture   jaysmasher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Useless Product

    Terrible product. Lack of torque makes it impossible to do more than barely touch the nails without bringing the motor to a dead stop. The sanding rate this thing supports would take a year to do my Rotties nails once. And to add insult to injury I had to buy batteries to find out how bad this product is! Use emery boards, they'd be faster and cheaper. More...
  • Fraud

    I purchased a pedipaws and it works well. However, followed up the sale with a continuing series, so far 4) of offers and rebate programs. Thes include a check to join various worthless organizations. These offers include a check, which when deposited, enters you into their membership and the membership fee is charged to the credit card used to purchase PediPaws. While i have not cashed these checks, they have chareged my account twice. They have removed these charges on request, but i wonder how many unsuspecting buyers have simply paid their credit card bill without noticing the... More...
    beotron's Picture   beotron    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cruel/Painful Product

    I am a nail tech so I know what I am talking about. When you put this on your pets nails as you are grinding it is causing friction which in turn is causing heat. This is hurting your pet and is why some of you notice that your pet will pull its paw away or is even scared to get near it at all. It is painful for your pet because the free edge or tip of their nail is more sensitive when you get near the vein. Its even worse pain than it is for you when you feel heat when getting your acrylics filled and drilled by a sloppy technician. Please don't be cruel to your pet by using this... More...
    pixiesmom's Picture   pixiesmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Product advertising

    The Website I ordered from does not clearly say that this is a battery operated, therefore weak and wasteful product, and that the batteries are not included. I should not have to hunt through the website or watch an information video to get such information. There is no one to talk to on the order line. Like many others, my patience, time and money are at an all time low during this global recession, and Pedipaws has wasted all three. Not only am I stuck with the shipping and handling costs to get the piece of junk in the mail, but I am also stuck with the cost of sending the... More...
  • Be upfront !!!!!!!

    I am fuming that I could not get ahold of a living human being to order this product. I received my pedi-paws today, only to find out that it is a BATTERY operated product. Nowhere on the order page does it say that it is a battery operated product. As the seller, it is YOUR responsibility to be upfront about all the details of the product. As a customer, I should not have to hunt for such information. HAD I KNOWN, I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! During a global recession, it is a BAD idea to waste people's time and money. Pedipaws has wasted both of mine!... More...
    WantaRefund's Picture   WantaRefund    1 Comments   Comments
  • sold my information

    I actually like the Pedi Paws product; however, don't purchase it online from Telebrand. They sold my information to "CompleteHome" that has been sending me a check which looks likes a rebate for purchasing the product. If you cash the check it automatically charges you a $129.99 annual fee to your credit card on file with PediPaws for a membership in CompleteHome. In the literature, it stipulates that CompleteHome is not affiliated with PediPaws. Kind of crazy that they have access to my credit card with PediPaws and have a PediPaws logo on the front of their check. More...
    wallispi's Picture   wallispi    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi Paws Awesome

    I used to have ask a friend to hold my dog down to clip his nails, now he just lays down and lets my trim them. He even licks the PediPaws, I am very impressed with this item. I have trimmed his nails 4 times and the wheel/disk still looks new. He is a mid-sized dog with tough nails and use to throw a fit with clippers. I can now do his nails in about 5 min for all 4 paws. 4 groomers refused to clip his nails as he would bite at them. I love it! More...
    biffsup's Picture   biffsup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never Again!

    I have a huge complaint about is the "attachments" that come with Pedi Paws. About a month after I received my Pedi Paws, I received a check that when cashed activates an account with Shoppers Advantage. I have canceled my unwanted Shoppers Advantage three times and I continue to receive these "checks". I have received three of them in all. I have shredded all but the first one which should end the cycle, but last night I found another Shoppers Advantage charge on my checking account statement. I am furious - these people prey on unsuspecting consumers and I shall... More...
    scogginsv's Picture   scogginsv    0 Comments   Comments
  • A Special Offer for Pedi Paws Customers

    I ordered the stupid thing back in the summer, and did receive it in a timely manner. However the stupid device is so noisy that my dog wants to attack it. Now here is the BIG thing that all need to watch out for. Back in January 09. I received a check sent from Pedi Paws what I thought was my rebate check. OH was I so wrong the amount of the check was $8.25, but here is the clinker since I thought it was my rebate I didn't read all of the information on the check. Here is what it states. BY CASHING OR DEPOSITING THE CHECK YOU ARE PURCHASING A MEMBERSHIP IN ID SECURE.I didn't not... More...
  • dogs hate it

    The dogs on the commercials must be sedated because the instrument is extremely noisy and the dogs get hysterical. Pedi Paws mentions nothing about that. They also sent a rebate then another check for $8.25 without explanation. The fine print on the check indicats they are enrolling you in a membership in ID Secure who then expects payment from you. I'm so disappointed in Pedi Paws and will not recommend them to anyone. M. Rogers More...
    mgrogers's Picture   mgrogers    0 Comments   Comments
  • crooks

    I purchased one pedi-paws from Telebrands. The money was deducted from my account soon after. Two weeks later I receive a call from California from a woman representing herself as an employee of the company.She told me I should be receiving my order soon, Then she went into fast overdrive about some jewelry.I said I wasen't interested and no money was ever discussed.Two minutes after the call,forty dollars was debited from my account.The bank gave me the phone number of the transaction and it belonged to Telebrands. After two hours I finally got a supervisor at Telebrands.She... More...
    vzmay645's Picture   vzmay645    0 Comments   Comments

    TXRTST: You are absolutely right about all of this. This is the exact thing that I went through. It's a complete scam! My order was $40.96, and I called to upgrade my shipping because there is not a shipping option on the website. Instead of upgrading my shipping, I'm assuming the customer service idiot cancelled my initial order and placed a new one (which I did not authorize). In the long run, I was charged $40.96 and $47.96. I did not receive my item for Christmas as promised. I cancelled "both" orders and requested a refund. I received a refund for $47.96 but not for... More...
    PediPawsHater's Picture   PediPawsHater    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Product

    I have seen the commercials and like many others I was sold on this product. After purchasing it I can tell you that the dogs on the commercial must have been given a half bottle of nyquil. There is no dog in his right mind that will conform while you grind his nails. I have two small dogs that went completely nuts when I got this product near them. Very poor product, very deceiving advertisements. More...
  • Unhappy with Pedi Paws

    I am unhappy with my order, to say the least. I never received the product and after three calls, still did not receive the item. The three different customer service people I spoke with were rude, did not know how to correct the situation, and one actually hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor and would not take no for an answer. I don't beleive I will ever get the pedipaws which I paid for with a credit card. If I were you, I would not order online. The department stores are now carrying the Pedipaw. More...
    GraceJudy's Picture   GraceJudy    1 Comments   Comments

    I ordered the Pedipaws 4 months ago and have received nothing. I have called 3 times (about a month between each call) and every time they give me the same Bull. ” I’m sorry Mr. Downing but we have the wrong address. Give me your address again and we will mail it right out”. The last time I called was a month ago. I tried today but can’t get through. It looks like everyone has been scammed. I spent over $40.00 + and I’m sure most of you have to. They have not tried to contact me at all. Most companys only bill the day they ship. This money was taken at the time... More...
  • Pedi Paws $18.95 FREE SHIPPING!

    We offer Pedi Paws for $18.95 with 4 Emery Bands. FREE SHIPPING to US Residents in the 48 states. Some chain stores carrying Pedipaws at $19.99 + Taxes but it comes with 1 replacement that it won't last longer! We offer FREE BONUS REFILLS LIFETIME! As long as you have a Pet! these are required! We are a GREEN, ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY, and HUMANE company. Also as a Fellow Pet owner and Pet lover a proceed from the sale of this product. will be donated to shelters - to help care for needy animals - who are not as lucky to have a good home like yours or mine... Thank you... More...
    RTGOnlineNet's Picture   RTGOnlineNet    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tricked into ordering 3

    I saw the advertisement on TV and thought it would be easy to order online. Oh how wrong I was. Telebrands website (the company that you order Pedi Paws from) tricks you when you order. It does not let the order go through right away, because it asks you questions to order more things at a cheaper cost. It does not let you pick how to order (I was taken through pages of the order process and each page asked if I wanted this or that, so when it did ask me if I wanted two, I thought it meant just add one more on to my order). Wrong again. I was first only going to order one... More...
    texrtst's Picture   texrtst    4 Comments   Comments
  • FTC complaint

    Ordered this online in August, it's now December, still haven't got the product, was charged in Sept. Called four times, still nothing. Talked to a representative four weeks ago, she promised that I would get my credit in 5-10 days.........still nothing. Tired of waiting, filed FTC complaint today. Let's see where this goes! More...
    pooh16246's Picture   pooh16246    0 Comments   Comments
  • I love Pedi Paws

    Like I normally do; I researched different blogs (not just 1) when deciding to purchase a new product. After reading discouraging statements about PEDI PAWS "and" PETI-CURE and still not knowing which to purchase, which is better, whether or not I'll be one of the customers who gets ripped off or one of the customers who'll get exactly what I paid for, I simply waited. I waited because I knew eventually the product would have to appear in stores (all AS SEEN ON TV products do). So yesterday (11/22/08) I was in a Walgreens drugs store and I saw PEDI PAWS / as seen... More...
    cdavis31's Picture   cdavis31    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pet nail trimmer

    I was skeptical about this product at first. I thought though anything could be better than the horrible and sad struggles I have while trimming my dogs toenails with the cippers. At first our dog wasn't sure about the buzzing noise and vibrations, but I tried it again tonight and she literally layed right beside me while I pedipawed her back paws. WOW! It's such a blessing to not have to struggle to keep my dogs nails safe and her healthy. :) More...
    jenhaefner's Picture   jenhaefner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Took$+NoProduct

    I ordered the PediPaws Set and the Refill set by mail at the same time. I wrote an explanatory order letter with two separate checks for each item. The checks were for the exact amount web site stated for each item plus mailing for each. Five weeks later I received the refill kit. PP charged $2 more for the refill kit then the posted price. The statement enclosed did not explain anything or request additional funds. A call to PP provided no answer--only told to wait for set that was likely on back order. Product did not come in another week plus. But the bank advised both checks... More...
    Janet's Picture   Janet    1 Comments   Comments

Pedi Paws Reviews By Product

Pedi Paws Comments

Labs4ever says: (6 years ago)
I have two 95 lb labs this is the best I used on their nails no pain for them when someone would come close to the nerve just relaxing time... At first I used to cover their heads what u don't see you don't know now they watch me... I am trying to find replacements I read that they are free but where

bluiezz854 says: (8 years ago)
I bet its a piece of SHIT to

rdailey says: (9 years ago)
I like it. We have a dachsund who goes nuts with regular clippers but he'll sit there and let you do this all day. I'm surprised to hear the complaints really. It would be nice if it would spin a little faster and get a bit more off more quickly.

Sensei322 says: (9 years ago)
I have a brand new 8 week old Cockapoo puppy, and his nails have gotten way too long. Got the Pedi Paws cause I didn't want to cut off part of his vein (finger?). Read that it might take a couple days/weeks to acclimate him to the product, but he allowed us to do an entire paw in one sitting with almost no fussing. Not sure how well it would work on huge dogs, but our little 7 pounder used the Pedi Paws just fine. Like the product.

babycakes123 says: (9 years ago)
dont knoe yet but r getting a chi soon so ima find out so i thik this produt is gonna rock so u oher ppl who think is bad u r probably stupid and not usingit righ!

jjtc says: (9 years ago)
I want to sue Peti Paws and any other businesses that Peti Paws are connected with. I am on my sixth offer from Peti Paws to sign up for something else that I do not want. I need a good attorney.

retmileo says: (9 years ago)
Motor is too weak. Wheel stops dead on large nails, even with minimum pressure. Might be okay for Gerbils.

Mikee says: (10 years ago)
We bought the “platinum” set. Worked reasonably well on our Dashys for a month then broke. Same problem as the guy above me - changed batteries and nothing.

Do not buy for any reason.

Mikee says: (10 years ago)
We bought the “platinum” set. Worked reasonably well on our Dashys for a month then broke. Same problem as the guy above me - changed batteries and nothing.

Do not buy for any reason.

msstrawberrylane says: (10 years ago)
I was so happy with this product that I HAD to go and find somewhere to post a positive review. I have a min pin that is a dream to groom... and a chihuahua that is normally sweet and calm that bites and growls when I cut his nails. This is compacted by the fact that I cut into the quick onetime and he bled for 3 DAYS. I don't have the time to go get them trimmed and most places won't take my crazy chi anyways because he gets so vicious when you try and get near his nails. I got Pedi Paws for 19.99 at my local Petco and went home pretty much assuming I wasted my money. I tried it out, my chi was uneasy at first but the vibrations of the filing of his nails actually lulled him to sleep. I couldn't believe it. It took forever to file his nails down, they were really long and this device seems like it just doesn't file a lot at a time, which is a good thing for me. His nails are now short, healthy and smooth. I am so happy I bought this product. It has solved a tremendous delema for me and my family. *Side note, the cal Min Pin that lets me cut his nails won't let me anywhere near him with Pedi Paws... figures...

mediazorba says: (10 years ago)
This product is terrible. It does not trim the nails. It makes sounds like it is, but the nails never get any shorter!! If you keep on the way I was doing, you might get them trimmed in two hours!! What a piece of junk!!

disgustedone says: (10 years ago)
This product stinks. Very cheaply made and does not work on a mid sized dog, the batteries cannot hold up to average sized nails. I ordered it 9/24 got it 10/6 tried it, laughed at myself for falling for the ad and returned it on their dime the same day I got it. To this day with numerous calls to customer service (what a joke) still have not gotten my money back. I even asked for a supervisor to call me back to explain why it takes longer than the 5-10 days to process the refund, each time I called (Even bigger joke)..... People don't waste your time, money or efforts with this product and if you made the same mistake as me good luck getting your money back. Very disappointed with this company and their product.

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