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Pedi Paws Reviews

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  • Pedi Paws-a wonderful gadget!

    I bought my pedi paws from e-bay for a wonderful £3.99. It was the best money I have ever spent!! My dog has a serious fear of anyone even touching her nails, let alone cut them! Even the vet and groomer are reluctant to touch them due to her reaction and because she has long quicks. This had made her nails long and uncomfortable. We have had her for 10 years and just thought it was something we'd both have to put up with and then along came pedi paws. It is wonderful! She didn't really react to it, I introduced her slowly to it, lots of praise and treats, and 2 sessions and... More...
    ejthomas83's Picture   ejthomas83    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi Paws

    I love Pedi Paws and so do my dogs, My mother in law ordered this product for me and I have used it for 3 years now on our Beagle mix and Collie mix. Both dogs fall asleep while I am doing it. Much better then trying to cut with traditional nail clippers. I have read reviews for this product good and bad, for those of you who do not like it or have had issues with your dogs, I would think that it is user error or your dog has issues to begin with. More...
    Jbetts's Picture   Jbetts    0 Comments   Comments
  • For Humans too

    My husband has those terrible toe nails, he refuses to go to a podiatrist. I bought some really heavy duty clippers and they won't cut through them. So after they started to really get out of control, used the Pedi Paw on his toe nails and they look the best ever since we got married six years ago. As for the dog, they work on her too, just hard to keep her still. I tried a dremil and it really scared her. So two thumbs up from our house. More...
    GrammaJules's Picture   GrammaJules    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedipaws is awesome

    I use to try to use a nail clipper but my chihuahua would cry and try to bite it. It was dangerous because she’d pull her paws back. The pedipaws worked amazingly good and I tried it on my own nail. It didn’t hurt. :) I give it 5 stars. (mines the one with the plastic orange covering on the rotating file) More...
    cheddargurl's Picture   cheddargurl    1 Comments   Comments
  • Buy It!!!!

    I bought this product for my cats, and it works perfectly. Being a former bather/groomer I can say it is much safer and gentler than the traditional clippers and recommend it for all pet owners. I will say that it doesn't do much to ease the fear for my female cat but I still like it much better than the other clippers. Dogs will probably have an easier time adjusting to it than cats will however, my male cat doesn't seem to mind it all that much. I think it is worth the money gives me piece of mind that my cats are not in pain. More...
    catlover86's Picture   catlover86    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi Paws Awesome

    I used to have ask a friend to hold my dog down to clip his nails, now he just lays down and lets my trim them. He even licks the PediPaws, I am very impressed with this item. I have trimmed his nails 4 times and the wheel/disk still looks new. He is a mid-sized dog with tough nails and use to throw a fit with clippers. I can now do his nails in about 5 min for all 4 paws. 4 groomers refused to clip his nails as he would bite at them. I love it! More...
    biffsup's Picture   biffsup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi Paws $18.95 FREE SHIPPING!

    We offer Pedi Paws for $18.95 with 4 Emery Bands. FREE SHIPPING to US Residents in the 48 states. Some chain stores carrying Pedipaws at $19.99 + Taxes but it comes with 1 replacement that it won't last longer! We offer FREE BONUS REFILLS LIFETIME! As long as you have a Pet! these are required! We are a GREEN, ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY, and HUMANE company. Also as a Fellow Pet owner and Pet lover a proceed from the sale of this product. will be donated to shelters - to help care for needy animals - who are not as lucky to have a good home like yours or mine... Thank you... More...
    RTGOnlineNet's Picture   RTGOnlineNet    0 Comments   Comments
  • I love Pedi Paws

    Like I normally do; I researched different blogs (not just 1) when deciding to purchase a new product. After reading discouraging statements about PEDI PAWS "and" PETI-CURE and still not knowing which to purchase, which is better, whether or not I'll be one of the customers who gets ripped off or one of the customers who'll get exactly what I paid for, I simply waited. I waited because I knew eventually the product would have to appear in stores (all AS SEEN ON TV products do). So yesterday (11/22/08) I was in a Walgreens drugs store and I saw PEDI PAWS / as seen... More...
    cdavis31's Picture   cdavis31    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pet nail trimmer

    I was skeptical about this product at first. I thought though anything could be better than the horrible and sad struggles I have while trimming my dogs toenails with the cippers. At first our dog wasn't sure about the buzzing noise and vibrations, but I tried it again tonight and she literally layed right beside me while I pedipawed her back paws. WOW! It's such a blessing to not have to struggle to keep my dogs nails safe and her healthy. :) More...
    jenhaefner's Picture   jenhaefner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedi Paws $ 19.95 + S&H

    I found a company who sell Pedi Paws only $ 19.95+ Priority Mail flat Rate Box, also they offer you $ 5.00 OFF, If you refer a friend or relative to them. I got one only for $14.95+S&H. I think people should know how to save some money in a product that we really need to don't cause more pain to our beloved pets as usually happens with the traditional clippers. also in their website they explain for which humanitarian and for health purpouses you have to file the nails of your pet. I am very satisfied customer about the product and the customer service that I got from this... More...
    nasshat's Picture   nasshat    2 Comments   Comments


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